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We are regularly approached by clients who are aware that a process or procedure isn’t working, but often find themselves unable to identify exactly what the problem is.

We typically recommend our business optimisation review as the first order of business.

Business Optimisation Review

The review report compiles and encompasses the following scope, alongside our recommendations:

 System review

 Process review & mapping

 Data investigation

 Document & template review

 Milestone planning, setting key deliverables and managing these via regular meetings

Need some help with implementing our recommendations? Compliment your business optimisation review with our implementation strategy service.

Implementation Strategy 

Blue Ninja uses its experience and know-how to deliver a robust implementation strategy.

Business Support

We leverage best practice and provide high-level planning and strategic business support, keeping sight of your projects requirements and pursuing its deliverables.

Knowledge Management

Executing a solid knowledge management plan is vital to the long-term success of any business. We all hope for the best, but it’s imperative that we plan for the worst-case scenarios too, such as a ‘hit by a bus’ or ‘win the lottery’.

From contingency to holiday planning, we can advise on the procedural steps you can take to minimise information and data loss and keep the business operating as usual.

Website Review

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your website and compile a detailed report with our key findings and recommendations.

Website Redevelopment

Do you feel like your website is outdated and in need of a little love? At Blue Ninja, we use WordPress and Divi theme to develop simple, easy to use and manageable websites, in an effective and timely manner.


Blue Ninja Business Support will assess a cost with you depending on your business specific needs. Package rates are available for reviews and implementation strategies.

Prices per hour for ad hoc support start from €80 per hour.

A website review starts from €80 depending on the size of the website and starts from €1200 for a website redevelopment.

All prices exclude BTW (Dutch VAT)


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