Our expert bookkeeper will support you and your rural business to manage your finances in a professional and efficient manner. Take the pain out of processing your monthly paperwork and take back control. We will provide you with your filed electronic & paper records and carry out financial records checks. We can also assist you with your VAT.

We abide by HMRC Government Money and Laundering regulations and data protection.

Bookkeeping should be seen as a consistent part of a business and needs to be managed regularly. It may also be a time-consuming and frustrating element of your business – it does not need to be.

We can guide you on software and advise on processes and procedures to manage your bookkeeping to make it a complementary part of your business, rather than a frustration. We work in partnership with accountants to provide the best support to you and your rural business.

We would be delighted to support you and your business for your bookkeeping needs. Don’t hesitate to contact Blue Ninja to discuss how we can support you.

Our bookkeeper is certified in Quickbooks and Xero, but we are happy to discuss what you use and see if we can support you. If you do not yet have a bookkeeping system we can talk through your processes and make recommendations.

Some information to be aware of….

  • Our bookkeeping service is provided monthly with a Schedule of Work agreed and signed including a confidentiality clause. Any access, passwords or sensitive information will be kept secure and safe. We abide by the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Terms are month by month ongoing, with a 1-month cancellation notice period.
  • We operate this service on a fair use policy. We have 3 package tiers – standard, medium and heavy bookkeeping.
  • For a standard package – we will process up to 40 banking line entries per month along with the corresponding paperwork. If 40 banking lines are exceeded in non-consecutive months your fee will not change. If you exceed 40 banking lines more than 3 consecutive months you will be moved up to the next payment package of 41-70 banking line entries, and 71 and more banking line entries as appropriate. If you exceed more than 100 banking entries per month (for 3 consecutive months) then we will need to discuss an appropriate customised fee per month to suit your needs.
  • We assume your reporting runs start to end of the month unless otherwise notified. We will remind you of your paperwork submission based on that assumption. You will be asked to submit all your paperwork (physical mail and electronic) no later than 20th of each month. You are welcome to email your paperwork as soon as it’s received to quoting your service number in your Schedule of Work.
  • For any physical paperwork or paperwork we need to liaise with you on, we will set up a Google Drive, share this folder with you and any nominated email addresses, and file your paperwork each month into a logical structure. We will ask you for your Accountant’s details and share access to the Google Drive folder with them.
  • If you choose a software solution from our advice, there may be costs for the software per month which you will incur. We will be clear on this during our discussion with you.
  • We can follow up your clients or customers on your behalf but this will incur a per hour extra charge. We will notify you of paperwork missing and flag anything to you.
  • We will scan any paperwork received and file into your Google Folder folder in the appropriate month documented on the paperwork. The file will be labelled in a manner that provides the date, a name and the amount. No paperwork will be duplicated and all copies will be returned to you each quarter via registered post as required.
  • We will delete the Google Drive 30 days after the end of your Schedule of Work is complete. It is up to you to make sure all records are downloaded prior to that time and stored elsewhere.

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