Time Management

Resource A1. Time Management

Time management is challenging. Regardless of your intentions, you will not complete a fully productive day of work. You will lose time through interruptions and changed priorities so it’s up to you to manage your time effectively in a way that works best for you.

Website & Social Media

Resource B1. What is a Website Review?

A website review is a thorough evaluation of a business website from an administrative perspective. Each page and sub-page is critically reviewed. A report will be provided which shows feedback according to each page (and sub-page if applicable) and will provide recommendations based on the review.

Resource B2. Backing up your Website using Emedia Hosting UPDATED 

If your website is being hosted by Emedia Hosting, this resource explains how to back up your website, now updated for mac users. You should be backing up your website and updating your plugins at least once a month. In addition to this resource visit this link from Emedia Hosting that that steps through the process.

Resource B3a. Blue Ninja Social Media Strategy Template

Make developing your social media strategy much easier with this structured and easy to follow template. Evaluate your business goals, target audience, build your customer profiles, develop a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats), evaluate your social media profiles and goals, competition and tie it all together in an easy-to-use schedule.

Resource B3b. Social Media Yearly Calendar Template

In development with your social media strategy, use the calendar template to map out your social media planning for the year in an easy to use excel spreadsheet. Colour coded using the most used social media platforms, easily allocate your social media posts in a visual chart.

Resource B3c. SWOT Analysis

In development with your social media strategy, develop your SWOT analysis to examine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This is a very useful document to quickly and easily map out and identify areas for improvement, and any threats that could seriously affect your business. Work through all the questions then develop your own SWOT grid.

Resource B3d. Building a Customer Profile

An essential part of the business is understanding your clients. By evaluating demographics, psychographics and gaining some insight into your customers you can tailor your approach to their profiles. Were you impressed when a business owner remembered you if you are a repeat customer at their business? How did it make you feel? Profiling is thinking about what your customers want, how they want you to communicate with them, and therefore tailoring your strategy with this in mind.

Administration Tools

Resource C1. Blue Ninja Travel Itinerary Template

Plan your next trip with ease using this handy travel itinerary template. Make sure you have all the information you need to hand by stepping through the template in a logical and clear way. Check out the examples of what information you should include. Don’t get caught out with a dead phone by listing your emergency and main contact numbers.

Affiliates, Apps & Software

D1. Affiliate Links

AppSumo is a daily deals website for digitally distributed goods and online services. AppSumo promotes great products to help you in your career and life.
MailChimp provides marketing automation for e-commerce businesses. Send beautiful emails, connect your e-commerce store, advertise, and build your brand.
The best stock agency with millions of premium high-quality stock photos, royalty-free images, illustrations and vector art at affordable prices.
Organize your work and declutter your life. With Evernote on your desktop and mobile devices, your notes are always with you and always in sync.
Don’t let passwords slow your business down. LastPass helps companies manage and secure every login.
Business finance management built just for freelancers, small businesses, and busy professionals. Very intuitive and user-friendly.
An Intelligent Sales CRM for teams who thrive on technology.
Emedia Hosting is reinventing customer satisfaction by making customer support and satisfaction our priority.
Signable is an eSignature software for business. It enable companies to get documents signed legally, quickly & securely online with electronic signatures.
Xe Currency Converter is an online financial system that allows you to convert one currency with another on the day of search as well as search historical exchange rates. (non-affiliate)
Timeanddate.com is a great site to plan and schedule teams working across different time zones, check the time in major cities and much more. (non-affiliate)

General Resources & Information

Resource E1. Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what a Virtual Assistant or VA is? Wondering how we work? Then read on!

Resource E2. Blue Ninja – calendar 2018

A nice A4 1-page calendar to pop on your wall to see the year in months and also the key holidays for the year.

Resource E3. Is self-sabotage sapping your motivation? (Video)

Created by Dr Jason Fox and Dangerlam (Kim) this is a brilliant video for understanding what self-sabotage is, and some tips to overcome it. Plus it’s a woman in a cape…awesome!