Are you sitting comfortably? Chances are you’re not. You may be trying to have a break after working through your long list of things to do today. You may be on your phone after dinner watching tv but not really as you’re reading blogs on social media. Whatever you are doing, for most of you I bet you’re tense, a little stressed and worried.

Stress is an inevitable part of work. Nothing is perfect in this world, and it’s how you deal with it that makes the difference. What steps do you take to relax? What is your ideal way of relaxing? Let’s work through this a little more.

Close your eyes…okay, not good for a blog but put your device aside after reading and try this.

Close your eyes. Breathe, feel your breath. Is your heart racing a bit? Notice it and calm your heart beat. Are you comfortable? Wriggle a bit and get comfortable. Now, think of your favourite place in the whole world. It can be a real or imaginary place. Are you there now? Keep your eyes closed and imagine the best day you can possibly have in your favourite place. Don’t be afraid to smile. Let your whole body relax and enjoy your day in your favourite place.

And now your phone rings….

Did you feel a sense of relaxation even reading that for a minute? The phone ruined the moment, didn’t it. And that’s the problem we have in our 24/7 environment is the ability to switch off and feel that it’s okay to relax a bit and take a well-needed rest. When was the last time you had a day off (completely)? Do you find it hard to not be available day and night? Do you feel that you must be available day and night?

Do you feel that you’re taking on the world yourself? Many, many business owners do. You’re going at a frantic pace and just keeping ahead of everything. When can you possibly relax?

I have a little secret for you – it’s okay to have a break. It’s fine if you turn everything off for an hour or so and just give yourself time to relax. If that means using a Virtual Assistant or someone who can even help you to find the time to switch off for a while I know it will do you good.

So, go back to closing your eyes…but turn off your phone first. Find a place where you can be alone. If that’s the bath, great! If it’s by going for a walk and sitting somewhere for a while, perfect. If it’s going to your favourite tea/coffee shop, putting on some headphones and listening to your favourite music whilst savouring a beverage, awesome. Find something that works for you and makes you relax completely.

Relaxation is a very personal thing. People can contribute to it but it’s ultimately up to you to get your head into a state of being relaxed. It is a skill to learn and if you’ve ever tried meditation it’s an extremely hard thing to clear your mind. Meditation works for some but can be considered very stressful to others. If you find you don’t relax until you’re out of the country and sitting by a pool somewhere, then get that next holiday booked, but you also need to find a way of giving yourself time in your normal environment. A holiday lasts for days out of your year – you need to find a way to relax often and within the structure of your everyday life.

Here are some websites to give you some ideas of how to relax – give yourself 15 minutes to read through them and schedule some time in your diary for you. Give yourself the change to relax, recharge and reset. Disclaimer: this video has a lot of bad language so please be aware before clicking, but it is very calming and relaxing!

Enjoy what works for you, and remember to give yourself time to relax. Ommmmmmm……..