Promotion Packs

Social Media Promotion Packs

Give your social media a consistent, professional look with our promotion packs for quotes, blogs and branding. We will use either your own logos along with you pictures and photos or our own commercially approved graphics to create beautiful social media graphics for you. See below for some examples.

Graphics will be provided as .jpg files and will be sent within 5 working days of receipt of your logos and all content requested. 3 graphic sizes will be provided to fit Facebook (940×788 pixels), Twitter (1200×675 pixels) and Instagram (1080×1080 pixels). If you wish for a size variation to one of those three options you can request this at the time of providing your branding.

You must provide photographs or pictures that are not bound by copyright and can be used for commercial purposes. Original photos or pictures may be cropped, enhanced and/or modified to best work within the graphics.

You will be given an opportunity to review your graphics up to 2 times (maximum) during the process and provide feedback. Once the graphics have been finalised they will be transferred to you for your use.

The prices are below each section. When you click ‘Add to Cart’ you can then increase the number of options you wish to purchase for each design. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email

Quote Pack

Quotes are a great addition to your social media strategy. Let us put together a packet of quotes with your branding. Select quotes from our list, or send us your own quotes. If you wish to select quotes from our list, please make sure you only select the total number of quotes you have and paid for. If more quotes are selected, it will be at the discretion of Blue Ninja Business Support to choose which quotes are provided, and these cannot be amended during feedback.

Select from a list of quotes by clicking here.

£6 per fully branded quote

Blog Pack

We will create a custom branded graphic and upload your blog along with customised graphic to your website. We’ll then publish your blog for you.

£14 per branded design and published as a post with text uploaded to your chosen website

Branding Pack

Send us your photos (or allow us to pick appropriate photos for you), your logo and your text and we’ll create promotional ads for you, with customised sizes for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Photos must be high-resolution and not copyrighted.

£9 per branded quote where text and graphics provided or £12 per branded quote (click here for list of available quotes)

Developer Options