I’ve been liaising with a number of business owners recently regarding their views on administration. Many have said how busy they are, but they manage. Juggling seems to be the way businesses are managed, with multiple balls up in the air. But, what if one drops?

What if you don’t meet your client’s requirements or expectations? What if you are so exhausted from trying to keep all the balls in the air but you don’t have options to refocus? Juggling is a good metaphor for small business owners as many do it all themselves.  In 2016, there were 5.5 million private sector businesses in the UK. Of those, 99% or 5.3 million than were deemed small or medium sized businesses (employing between 0-249 people). Read the House of Commons report for 2016 here.

What are you juggling, and what can you designate to someone else to do for you? This is a question that is very dependent on each individual, but let’s explore further what you may be able to hand over to someone else.


If you enjoy bookkeeping, go for it! As long as you’re on top of your bookkeeping weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly then no problem. If you don’t enjoy bookkeeping and you feel you spend far too much time on it, why not hand it off to someone else to do for you? Rationalise your time – how much time you spend versus time doing other more valuable tasks and getting someone in to sort for you.

So much can be automated, so the days of manually processing finances are gone. Finance systems such as Xero and Billy (new and amazing!) are there to make the process as smooth as possible, but get someone who knows the systems to set them up for you – get things running, then show you how to manage your systems. It will save so much time in the long run, and give you peace of mind that your bookkeeping is under control.

Any bookkeepers you use must be licensed and authorised, so be sure you are compliant. If you’re not sure, please ask Blue Ninja Business Support for advice. We don’t want to waste your time, and at the same time, we want to make sure you’re not wasting your time either.

Social Media

You’d be amazed at how much time you really should be spending on social media. How much time are you actually spending on your business on social media? How much time do you want to spend on social media? There are so many opportunities online and lead generations that a social media strategy should be in your planning.

Are you juggling so much that you don’t have time to strengthen and prioritise your social media presence? Support is not far away. Find what makes you comfortable. So many businesses offer lead generation, SEO development, content generation, but what do you actually need? Who are your ideal clients? Start there – look at who your clients are and tailor your social media to help them. Have you subscribed to Google Ads? Are you using Fcebook ads? If not, why not? If you’re not familiar or comfortable with these products then I recommend having a look.

Blogs and content generation

Let’s start with – do you have a blog? Are you showing your expertise of your products or services? This can be both written and visual blogs – whatever you’re comfortable with. If you’re not blogging, is it because you’re juggling so much you don’t have time? This ties in a little to your social media strategy, as you should be generating fresh content regularly to keep engaging your audience.

Stop juggling and let’s get you focused

If you are not juggling all the different aspects of your business and personal life then hat’s off to you! You are amazing and I don’t know why you’ve kept reading to this point. You also will have all the above already established and working for you. So, if you are juggling, let’s look at who can help. As an administrator, we are conditioned to help others. It’s in our DNA and we can’t help ourselves but ask “how can I help?” Isn’t that a good place to start?

I implore you to write your goals and strategy for the next 90 days. What are you aiming to achieve? If it’s more customers, stronger online presence, a holiday, all of these things are really important. The next steps are to break down those 90 days into bite-sized chunks. What do you need to handle yourself, and what can you hand over to someone else?

If you don’t have much in the way of business automation, get that sorted. If you manually post to your social media accounts, let’s get that sorted with a system that automates a lot of your social media. Take back your evenings! If you are not using an online financial system, get that sorted as well. The best ones will sync to your bank account and automatically pull through your data so you then just need to reconcile your books.

With a bit of planning and support, you can get rid of all those pesky balls you’re juggling and focus only on those you need to. Remember, it’s our business to help your business to succeed.