I look for inspiration everywhere. I like my office space to give me motivation, inspiration, focus. I enjoy creativity and find others are very inspiring to me. Today I want to talk through what inspires me, and why.

Pictures of kittens

There is nothing better than receiving a message with a picture of a kitten. I don’t know what it is about kitten pictures that make me feel so happy and calms me down, but a great kitten pic goes a long way. I recommend Pinterest for excellent kitten pictures, or just type “pictures of kittens” into Google and prepare for cuteness! Also, don’t be afraid to ask me for a few.

My plants

I have a few plants in my house. I bought my first plant, a peace lily, for the office I worked in in 2011. His name is Barry and he’s been through so much with me. I assess Barry on how I am working – he got very ill for a while! But, Barry survived and after two house moves, he’s still going…I wouldn’t say strong at the moment as he’s struggling again, but so am I with lots of changes happening. I never appreciated my plants more than I do working from home. They inspire me by bringing nature indoors. If you haven’t got a plant near you, I strongly recommend starting out with a peace lily or a jade plant (also known as a lucky plant).

A small caveat – I may sound a bit mad naming my plants, but when I am travelling a lot it’s amazing how much easier it is to discuss watering with the other half if name the plants!

Pictures of fun stuff

When I travel I take photos of things that inspire me. If I’m going to be in a place for a period of time, I stick a lot of photos up around the room. I have pictures of flowers, kittens (of course), quirky images, my family, happy memories, cows/animals, anything and everything that helps me to feel happy. I get quite a bit of my inspirational stuff from online shops such as Society 6, Threadless and Qwertee. If you haven’t had a look at these websites before, they are worth a look.


I have a few business people that I’ve been engaging with and who have given me great ideas and inspiration for Blue Ninja:

Todd Herman – if you haven’t heard of the 90 day year then I recommend looking for Todd’s stuff. I hadn’t heard of him until April this year, and after following a few of his taster webinars I could listen to him all day – I sound like a fan!! I am, and Todd is a polite, clear and thoughtful trainer.

Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) – I’ve got mixed feelings about Gary’s approach (he’s quite raw), but every time I finish one of his videos I do feel inspired. His ‘get up off your arse’ attitude is something I need to adopt more of. In one video he showed his calendar – every minute had something going on, crazy!!! But, he gets me thinking. I’m reading one of his books now and getting new ideas.

Steve Dotto – I love Dotto Tech’s Wednesday Webinars. Steve and his team give bite-sized training of current and useful systems, websites, products. I’ve recently become a supporter (called Patreon) because I find his approach to training suits me so well. I like to be shown how things work, and he tells it how it is.

Other VAs – I can’t tell you how many VAs are working around the UK, but whenever I see a VA write a blog, celebrate an achievement, reach out for advice, it really inspires me as a VA to keep going. The virtual assistant world is supportive and collaborative and I hope it continues to be so. I celebrate all the men and women who take the step from employment to business owner and continue to support their clients in amazing ways.


Take a minute to think about what inspires you – and keep it close to you. Find your inspiration and go for it!