Blue Ninja Consulting is having a restructure and rebrand. After 4 years of being in business, I decided what I was doing wasn’t making me happy. Don’t get me wrong I love administration – it’s brilliant! What I was lacking was the excitement in the type of work I was doing.

This is a huge step. It’s taking me from what I know and have been working on for 10 years which is public health, and moving Blue Ninja into a new industry. I grew up on a farm just outside of Wagga Wagga in Australia. We had a beef cattle farm and showed Herefords at National shows. Why is this important? It brings back memories of not being able to get to school because we had floods and our bridge washed away; learning to drive in paddocks; having a pet sheep called Lucy and her thinking she was a dog (much to the dismay of the dog) – these are all really happy memories.

I want to be happy in my business and in turn that happiness will come back to my clients.

So, what does a Rainbow Unicorn Kitty have to do with this? The picture of my article came out sometime in 2014 and I’ve not been able to trace it’s origin, but the moment I saw the picture it made me happy. Images have that effect on people – that’s why memes are so popular.

This is the same for my Blue Ninja logo. My Blue Ninja makes me very happy, and was something that came out of my head and represents my past, present and future. The pencil is a reference to my degree, blue is my favourite colour and I believe in administrators and how they support businesses.

What makes you happy? Do you wake up every morning and think woohoo, another day? Do you ever think woohoo life is awesome? I hope you do. If you don’t, what changes can you make – join a group, try something new, take some things off your schedule and have some ‘me’ time?

Whatever it is, I hope this small blog has made you happy in some way. Because who doesn’t love a Rainbow Unicorn Kitty???