As an administrator flexibility is essential to a productive career. Flexibility operates on all levels of administrative support. When you think about the type of support that’s usually needed in an administrative position the role is about structure and order, but with the ability to adapt and change when needed.

Let’s look at flexibility in another way:

F : Follow your intuition – if something doesn’t seem right or logical, discuss it. Administrators are not always comfortable speaking up, but with a little initiative and courage you may identify a better way of sorting a problem or issue than others have thought about

L : Learn how others do things around the workplace (or through your interactions), and anticipate them. By showing initiative, a person remembers your efforts, even though they won’t remember the work

E : Examine how you work, and adjust and refine. There are so many free resources to self-educate these days so by looking at where your skills weaker and developing them, it can only help you in the long run

X : (e)Xamples are useful. Have some examples up your sleeve of your ability to deliver on your tasks and objectives. By showing you understand your tasks it will be a plus when it comes time for your review and evaluation.

I : Infect others with positivity. Does a nice, positive quote make you smile? Imagine what that type of positivity will do for others. Work can feel daunting at times, but remember there may be someone else having a worse day than you. People will appreciate your good mood.

B : Be the best version of yourself. If you are unhappy, change something. Sometimes it can be very difficult to step out of your comfort zone, but you won’t move forward without trying. Talk to your friends, family, find a mentor, follow thought leaders and people who inspire you and use them to help you move forward.

I : Imagine and visualise your end goals. How do you approach your work – do you make lists, diagrams, use a bullet journal? By seeing yourself succeed, it will help to put you in the right frame of mind to achieve your objectives and goals.

L : Look into the personalities of others. I didn’t really understand my colleagues until I did a Myers-Briggs personality test and understood myself. By understanding who I am, and how I am different to my colleagues, it enabled me to better adapt to the needs of others and be more responsive.

I : It’s okay to say no. One of the hardest lessons to learns for administrators is the power of no. It takes practice and can be very daunting. You need to understand why you are saying no, and by having your reasoning in order it will make it better for you in the long run.

T : This blog was scheduled to be submitted yesterday (23 March 2017), but I gave myself the flexibility to adjust due to other demands and deadlines. Sometimes deadlines are fixed, and it’s important to know the difference between a fixed and a flexible deadline, but it’s okay to give yourself a break. You are human after all!

Y :  You don’t always have to work in an office. Look at opportunities to take yourself out of your usual office environment – it may be just what you need. As a VA I work from a home office, and it doesn’t affect my ability at all to deliver on my work, in fact the flexibility it gives allows me to structure my day in a way that suits my needs and makes me a better administrator.


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