Content marketing is such a rewarding effort any brand should never overlook. It is an effective marketing tool, especially for lead generation. But coming up with content that will draw readers and prospective customers is a difficult task. And the tricky part is, we can’t just put out a blog post and expect people to read it. Like any product or service, an online content should also answer a need or solve a problem for it to be interesting. So how do we look for topic ideas that content readers are thirsting for?

Use Google Autocomplete, Google Trends, and Keyword Planner

Google Autocomplete is a Google Search feature that completes the words as you type.  As you type the words, Google suggests a list of related topics. While it’s designed to make searching faster, you can leverage its power to get ideas for content topics. These suggestions are relevant and popular topics that give an idea about contents that users are interested in.

Google Trends shows how a topic trends over a span of time. Google Trends is great for searching for the seasonality of a certain topic. And with that information on hand, it helps you determine the best time to create a content about that specific topic.

Google’s Keyword Planner is a simple tool the can be found in AdWords. Using your Google account, you can look up suggested phrases related to your keyword. It will also show the monthly searches and how competitive each key phrase is.

Check the Most Shared Content on Social Media

Get inspiration from the contents that are most shared on social media. BuzzSumo, for example, has a free version which is powerful enough to show you popular topics related to your keyword. You can zero in on the most popular contents within the last 24 hours or the past year. You will also be able to see how each content performs across social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Pinterest.

Other similar paid tools are EpicBeat and Ahrefs Content Explorer. The paid features of these tools are more robust and provide deeper insights.

Discover What’s Popular on Medium

Medium is a popular blogging platform. Clicking on the “Popular” tab reveals the current trending posts. Keying in your keyword on the search bar will show the all-time most popular relevant posts. Using the tags, however, will prioritize the latest trending content in the search results.

Top Questions and Answers in Quora

Quora is a social media platform that allows its users to post and answer questions about any topic. You can get a glimpse of what topics its users are curious about. You can also post a question yourself and test how interesting your topic is with other users. And using the search bar, allows you to also look up posted questions related to your keyword. Not only is it a great tool for searching topics, you can also gain valuable insights from the experts themselves.

Topics Coming from Website Visitors and Facebook Page

Using your website’s analytics (if you don’t have analytics, please sort out immediately!), you can see what key phrases your visitors are typing in the search box, comments, or messages. Customer questions through emails and Facebook Pages are also great sources of content topics your website visitors and social media followers crave for.

There are still other effective ways of searching for content topics for your marketing efforts. And most will depend on your niche and what platform your prospective readers mostly hang out. So, knowing your audience and their needs is key to knowing what content to offer them.


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